What I have a blog…

Daddy forgot to tell me, now that I know watch for some updates!


Birthday Time

Okay I know I haven’t update this in a while…I’m to busy trying to learn how to walk before my first birthday. I can’t wait! I love balloons, cake, and presents. I’m hoping I get a cell phone so I can start twittering, but I don’t think mommy and daddy liked the idea. Talk to you soon!

Teeth & Swimming

I know weird post, but it somes up my life right now. I got two front teeth and am loving brushing them after breakfast. Ohhh and we got a Y membership today so I start my swimming lessons next week. Mommy said I have to be a good swimmer because we’re going to spend the summer at the lake.

thanks for checking in…talk to ya soon

I’m on my first date

Play date that is. Today mommy took me out to play with some new friends.  I’m excited, and a little scarred. It’s going to be okay, daddy gave me a phone yesterday and said to call if I ever needed him, so i keep it right next to me in my car seat….

Christmas Eve

Today is my first Christmas Eve. So I’m sleeping a lot to get ready for tonight! I want to be awake when this Santa person comes by. And what are all these gifts he’s bringing!!

Blog Break

I know…you’re thinking what a break, I thought you already took one. Well let’s just say it’s an extended break. Daddy says I’m drooling too much to be trying to type right now. He says once my teeth come in, I can get back on my blog…..hmmm don’t know how I think about that one. FYI: I’m crawling pretty good right now.

Almost There

This past week I’ve been practicing sitting up by myself. I’ve almost got it and should be ready for some great fall and Christmas pics. Make sure to check out mom’s myspace to see some pics from my trip to the park. Ohhh almost forgot, I’m traveling again this weekend….headed to SC for Papa Daniel’s 50th.